How to install mnmlWP

Installing mnmlWP is quite simple. You just need to install the main theme, the child theme, and a plugin to import some demo data into your website. While importing the demo data is optional it is also highly recommended because it will help you get a starter version of your site up and running with just a few clicks.

Instructions 🚀

  1. First, set up a fresh WordPress installation.
  2. Log in to the dashboard of your website and delete the sample post, pages, and plugins.
  3. Next, install the mnmlWP theme. It is part of the official WordPress theme catalog. In your dashboard open Appearance > Themes, then press the “Add New” button and enter “mnmlwp” in the search field. You will be presented with a single result which you can install by pressing the blue “Install” button right next to the theme’s preview image.
  4. Download the mnmlWP child theme and upload it on to your WordPress installation (Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme). This is important because it will allow you to update the parent theme without losing the changes you make to your website. You can find more info on child themes in the WordPress Theme Handbook.
  5. Activate the mnmlWP child theme on your website.
  6. After you activated the child theme (again, this is important) WordPress will recommend some plugins to you in a message box at the top of the screen. We need to install a plugin at this point so click “Begin installing plugins”. Go ahead and install and activate the “One Click Demo Import” plugin by ProteusThemes from the list of recommended plugins.
  7. You can now import the demo content provided by the mnmlWP theme. In order to do that you have to go to Appearance > Import Demo Data and click the blue button at the bottom of the screen that says “Import Demo Data”.
  8. That’s it! Open your website and enjoy the result. 😊
  9. You may also want to install the mnmlWP shortcodes and contact form plugins in order to enhance your website. Please find them on the download page.

Need help?

If you experience any difficulties during the installation procedure please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.