= 0.9.2 =

Improved: Base color scheme 

= 0.9.1 =

Improved: Logo max height
Improved: Row max width 1920px
Fixed: Conditional in post list for date and author meta

= 0.9.0 =

Improved: Typography, overflow wrap 

= 0.8.9 =

Improved: Typography, content / element margins 

= 0.8.8 =

Possible breaking change: Footer widget column classes
Fixed: Site title wrapper justify content when centered 

= 0.8.7 =

Added: Customizer option for number of footer columns
Added: tabindex 0  on main menu links without href
Fixed: Replaced duplicate searchform IDs by class „mnmlwp-searchform“
Removed: Rcommended plugins (all but One Click Demo Import) 

= 0.8.6 =

Removed: Check navigation from assets/main.js 

= 0.8.5 =

Added: Dynamic alignwide media query in customizer.php 

= 0.8.4 =

Added: mnmlwp-row—main class added to blank templates
Fixed: align wide overflow
Fixed: Overflow hidden removed from html and body and moved to mnmlwp-row—main

= 0.8.3 =

Fixed: Sticky navigation with overflow hidden on html/body

= 0.8.2 =

Fixed: Image max width (alignfull & alignwide)
Fixed: alignfull & alignwide on posts/pages with sidebar 

= 0.8.1 =

Added: Content classes alignfull & alignwide
Added: Place logo next to title
Added: Pure CSS navigation
Added: Customizer option "Sub menu item text align (desktop)"

= 0.8.0 =

Added: Conference starter kit
Added: Customizer options for full width footer widget
Added: Current active menu item parent background color
Added: Main navigation focus style
Fixed: Removed search form list item from header when not enabled
Fixed: Search form margins in mobile navigation

= 0.7.9 =
Fixed: Contact row: content now sanitized with wp_kses_post
Fixed: Increased logo max height in Customizer

= 0.7.8 =
Fixed: Customizer options order
Fixed: Admin JS select hero template

= 0.7.7 =

Fixed: Admin JS select hero template 

= 0.7.6 =

Fixed: Full width footer widget margin
Fixed: Check post ID in breadcrumb row function
Fixed: Post list titles h3 replaced by h2 

= 0.7.5 =

Fixed: Customizer CSS (missed a curly bracket… D'oh!)

= 0.7.4 =

Fixed: i18n
Fixed: Centered header elements margin top/bottom (mobile) 

= 0.7.3 =

 Added: Improved full width footer widget layout
 Added: Customizer option footer full width background color
 Added: Customizer option footer full width text align
 Fixed: Textarea font family
 Removed: Demo content import message

= 0.7.2 =

Added: Demo content at
Fixed: Hero post comments template
Fixed: Recent posts and colored categories widget layout

= 0.7.1 =

Added: Separate option for mobile menu alignment
Added: Optimized flex layout for site header

= 0.7.0 =

Fixed: Header width (oops!)

= 0.6.9 =

Added: Customizer option sidebar right/left
Added: Customizer option header logo right/left
Added: Improved centered header

= 0.6.8 =

Fixed: Sticky menu position "before header"

= 0.6.7 =

Added: Menu position "before header"
Added: Customizer > Hero Section + base font sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile

= 0.6.6 =

Added: Version number for admin.css

= 0.6.5 =

Added: Version number for admin.js

= 0.6.4 =

Added: Hero section fields for title, subtitle, content, alignment, and colors
Fixed: Toggle hero settings on template select
Fixed: Hero section editor layout

= 0.6.3 =

Fixed: z-index header / contact row
Fixed: Current theme version info for main.css
Fixed: Centered header => Text align center
Added: Customizer options for logo base font size, logo title font size, logo subtitle font size

= 0.6.2 =

Fixed: Breadcrumb navigation

= 0.6.1 =

Fixed: Searchform visibility in widgets

= 0.6.0 =

Breaking changes: CSS classes .row and .column changed to .mnmlwp-row and .mnmlwp-column to prevent conflicts with Bootstrap
Added: Flex header layout for logo, navigation, and hamburger
Added: Shared mobile navigation
Added: Logo height option
Added: Separate options for nav in header  (desktop) and main nav (mobile)
Added: Option for centering header content
Added: Option for centering menu items
Added: Options header top and bottom padding
Added: Sticky posts in recent posts widget
Removed: Source Sans Pro font; base font is now system font
Removed: Theme activation welcome message

= 0.5.7 =

Added: Sticky posts in recent posts widget
Added: Sticky posts in categories

= 0.5.6 =

Added: Toggle hero section in post/page editor
Fixed: Content wrapper

= 0.5.5 =

Fixed: requires PHP 7.2 (not 7.4)

= 0.5.4 =

Added: WP required theme info
Fixed: Post/page template options
Fixed: WP image block (image sizes)

= 0.5.3 =

Added: Responsive Tables

= 0.5.2 =

Updated: Demo content
Fixed: Navigation z-index, footer HTML

= 0.5.1 =

Please note: this update might include some breaking changes. Backup your website before updating!

Fixed: Better navigation HTML structure
Fixed: Flex colum layout in templates
Added: Navigation sub-menu timeout
Added: Main menu item background color (Customizer)
Added: Main menu item background color (Customizer)
Changed: Main menu color scheme
Removed: Menu position "before header"

= 0.5.0 =

Fixed: Full width layouts

= 0.4.9 =

Added: Flex columns shortcode
Added: Page content wrapper
Fixed: Minor CSS changes

= 0.4.8 =

Fixed: Hero styles moved to wp_head

= 0.4.7 =

Changed: Pluggable image sizes

= 0.4.6 =

Fixed: Admin editor styles
Fixed: Main navigation list items align

= 0.4.5 =

Added: Dynamic hero background sizes
Added: Clearfixes

= 0.4.4 =

Added: Cover images for embedded YouTube/Vimeo videos
Changed: Project website is now

= 0.4.3 =

Added: Blank post/page + hero template
Added: Shortcode allowed in hero section
Added: Prevent direct file access

= 0.4.2 =

Added: Gradient colors for hero section
Added: New custom layout / demo data

= 0.4.0 =

Fixed: CSS and Layout issues

= 0.3.8 =

Fixed: Sticky navigation (customizer)

= 0.3.7 =

Added: Menu animation styles: slide/fade (Customizer)

= 0.3.6 =

Added: Excerpt length (Customizer)
Added: Show/hide "read more" link (Customizer)

= 0.3.5 =

Added: new placeholder image

= 0.3.4 =

Fixed: Pullquote Block (Gutenberg)
Fixed: Meta Boxes for blank page template

= 0.3.3 =

WordPress 5: Fixes for Gutenberg editor (more coming)

= 0.3.2 =

Fixed: Adjusted maximum width of rows in boxed layout

= 0.3 =

Added: Activate post/page sidebar by default (Customizer)
Added: Hide page title by default (Customizer)
Fixed: CSS, improved readability

= 0.2.15 =

Fixed: Updated to latest version of TGM Plugin Activation

= 0.2.12 =

Added: Hero section height in px or % (viewport based)
Fixed: CSS main navigation position (sticky) in Safari
Fixed: Translations

= 0.2.2 =

Fixed: Color picker in category editor
Fixed: Minor CSS changes
Optimized: Theme screenshots

= 0.2.1 =

Initial release